My Story

Hi, I’m Mark Chirnside.

I used a rubbish bin and BBQ to create a coffee roaster when I was 17 years old. The idea of creating fresh, high quality coffee for friends and family excited me. So I created my own roaster and imported beans from all over the world in order to craft the perfect blend.

It wasn’t long before I opened a pop-up cafe, competed at the barista championships multiple times, and planted over 500 coffee trees in New Zealand.

10 years later, I enjoy selling my coffee to the world and helping people enter the coffee industry. Whether you want to be your own boss and create a freelance barista career, or you just want to make a good cup of coffee. I’m here to help.

From my rubbish bin and BBQ roaster to selling over 300 kilograms of coffee, and helping over 400 people with my barista courses. I look forward to helping you!

How I made my first coffee roaster

If you’d like to read through the forum I used to help build my first roasters – click here

Mark Chirnside

Educator | Musician | Coffee Lover
Founder Of Chirny

You Can Now Buy My Coffee

My coffee is for anyone that would like to explore intricate flavours!